• Menahem Pressler

  • Ying Quartet

  • Dover Quartet

  • David Greilsammer

  • American String Quartet

  • Orion Weiss

  • Quatuor Danel

  • Rachel Barton Pine

  • Geneva Camerata

  • Ariel Quartet

  • Pacifica Quartet

  • Mozart Orchestra of New York

  • Christopher O’Riley

  • Hermitage Piano Trio

  • Gryphon Trio

  • New Orford String Quartet

  • Meccore Quartet

  • Philippe Bianconi


For more than sixty years, Melvin Kaplan, Inc. has represented many of the world’s outstanding and influential musicians. We take pride in working closely with musicians and arts organizations around the world to re-think, re-interpret, and re-imagine music in order to create meaningful and inventive programs, collaborations, and special projects. Our artists constantly evolve as they develop groundbreaking programs and travel unfamiliar paths, and we encourage you to experience that evolution too and see what makes these artists so distinctive.

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