• Parisii Quartet

  • Rachel Barton Pine

  • Quatuor Danel

  • Gryphon Trio

  • Fine Arts Quartet

  • Orion Weiss

  • Mozart Orchestra of New York

  • New Orford String Quartet

  • New York Chamber Soloists Orchestra

  • Pacifica Quartet

  • Talich Quartet

  • Christopher O’Riley

  • American String Quartet

  • Ariel Quartet

  • Pasquier Trio

  • Dover Quartet

  • Ying Quartet

  • Meccore Quartet

  • Hermitage Piano Trio

  • Philippe Bianconi

  • Menahem Pressler


For more than fifty years, Melvin Kaplan, Inc., has represented many of the world’s most innovative musicians, specializing in the best chamber music and soloists.  The artists on our roster are known for their artistic excellence, fertile imaginations, limitless creativity, and warm personalities.  They are emerging stars and established, venerated household names.  We take special pride in working with presenters and our artists to develop innovative programs, special projects, and unique collaborations.  We encourage you to explore our roster and imagine how these artists would enhance your series and excite your audience.

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